It’s hard to think of the very best retirement gift you could give someone, ever. It is, after all, the last one of their career. If you feel like there are so many options, but none seems to be exactly right, let us help you narrow it down. Here are some of the ideal gifts you could give someone, tick off your favourites and you are well on your way to gift supremacy!

1. A very impressive watch

This is a classic and timeless gift. Pardon the pun. Giving a gold watch as a gift for a retiree began in the 1940’s with the sentiment of ‘you gave us your time, now we are giving you our time’. These days the watches are a bit more personal. When you match the style of watch that that of the receiver, you are making it all the more sentimental. Engraving the back is a nice touch with their name and years of service, and presenting it in a cushioned box makes it easy to wrap, and looks gorgeous.