For most people, retirement is a bittersweet prospect. On the one hand, it implies you have done your bit professionally and are now free to live worry-free. At the same time, it means that your earnings are going to take a nosedive. Unless you have some alternate sources of income or a bunch of decently-rewarding investments you’ve made in the past, you’ll probably be left wanting. Extra money when one has retired is always welcome and here are some ways you can ensure you have some for yourself.

1. Invest Intelligently

Once you’ve retired and have money stashed away in multiple accounts and policies, this is the time to take stock of it all and manage your finances intelligently. Take the help of a professional accountant to help you make smart investments and begin reaping returns. If nothing else, you can at least shift your savings to accounts paying higher interest rates or set up fixed deposits. These are low-risk ways of earning money while doing absolutely nothing.