If you are looking to balance your personal budget, or need help managing the finances of your personal business, using a budgeting app is a great way to start the process. Not only do these apps make it a lot easier to take care of your budgeting needs, but they also help you understand the process in an in-depth way. Here are 15 great budgeting apps:

Your Personal or Business Bank’s App

All major banks, credit card providers, and even investment service providers offer mobile apps for using their services. These apps are the best place to start when it comes to managing money. They allow you to check your checking, savings and credit card balances and track the status of your investment portfolio. You can set up different alerts on these apps, telling you whenever money is added or withdrawn.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA)

This is a free application that helps create a budget for your personal or business finances. Consider it a virtual envelope app, where each envelope represents a category of your spending. If you want to allocate $500 a month for food, $200 for recreation and $300 a month for bills, this app lets you do just that. Every time you spend money, enter the transaction and relevant category into EEBA and let it do the rest.

Mint Personal Finance

This application from Mint.com is available on both Android and Apple smartphones. It allows you to connect all of your finance accounts, select categories for spending, pay your bills and check balances on the go. If you want to set a monthly budget for different categories, this app is the best way to do so. The app also supports syncing your account with the different devices you use.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is a hugely popular application that you can download on your computer or smartphone. This application helps you understand how much money you are bringing in from different sources, how much you can put towards retirement and the budgets for all your spending categories. If you think you are spending too much money every month, YNAB is a great way to start saving today.


Receipts is an Apple device exclusive application that allows you to take pictures of all your receipts and keep a digital log of these expenses. It is easy for receipts to pile up, especially if you are on a personal or business trip. Use this app to keep all this spending organized. Not only will it help you save money, but the receipt pictures come in handy during tax season. The app allows for searching through the receipt database and printing out specific receipts.


IXpenselt costs around $6 on the iTunes store, but it offers a lot more features than regular budgeting apps. There is an option for including different currencies, calculating mileage on your cars, looking at spending trends every month and seeing how much of your budget remains in different categories. It is also possible to export the data within this app to a CSV file, which helps when trying to claim expenses or file taxes.


If you want to get an idea of market trends, stock exchange prices, and other finance-related news, this is a great resource. Bloomberg provides up-to-the-second stock coverage, along with reliable and unbiased reporting of the latest events in the finance world. There is plenty of other content on the app, including interviews, news videos, guides and tips on finance topics and a link to their 24/7 television network.

IOU Debt Manager

It is fairly common for people to borrow money from their friends or family, especially if you go out together to a restaurant, bar or movie theater. If you are unable to split the bill or cover your portion at the time, use this debt manager to keep track of what you owe everyone. The app allows you to add people as contacts, listing their details and the amount they are owed. It is also useful for keeping track of valuables or other belongings you lend people or are lent by others.

Debt Manager

This application uses a method known as “debt snowball” to help you stay on track for covering your various debts. Enter all the information you have about your various loans and credit card bills, assign a priority to each loan and let the app work its magic. The app helps you understand the amount you need to save every month in order to clear these debts by a certain date. There are several options related to monthly payments, interest rates and more.



A convenient app that helps you analyze your monthly income, budget categories and saving potential. By highlighting your monthly spending in charts and graphs, this app makes it a lot easier to understand where most of your money is going. The app also has support for monthly payments, such as bills or debt repayments.




The greatest feature of Spendbook is its intuitive interface. This budgeting app helps you quickly add new transactions of both income and expenditure with a few swipes. If you want to include a photo of the item you bought, its receipt or your latest paycheck, use the phone’s camera and Spendbook saves it to its database.

Home Budget with Sync

If you want an application to help your entire family sync and manage their budgets, this is the ideal candidate. Users can set a budget, edit different parts of the account and manage their various incomes. This app is great for dual or tri-income households with a single budget for rent, utilities and grocery expenses.




Set monthly savings targets, budgets for categories and variable income levels with this application. If you happen to make more money one month, the app shows how much more you can spend while still reaching your monthly savings goals.



Level Money

This application has no extravagant features, but it offers a neat interface for collecting all your bank, credit card and investment accounts in one place. Forget about juggling different apps when you can manage everything with Level Money.




If you have a problem with tracking your everyday expenses, check out Expensify. Aside from taking pictures of receipts, manually adding transaction amounts and importing information from your credit card provider, Expensify automatically scans receipt photographs and generates an expense transaction with the information.