Buying a used car is often the best way to get a good model vehicle while saving on the overall price. However, used cars that are only a year or two old are harder to afford as one lump-sum payment. In these situations, it is important to consider finance options for used cars. Here is a look at the top ten tips for financing a used car:

1. Learn About your Credit Score

The last thing you want to do is enter a car dealership without any knowledge of your credit score. In this situation, the dealer could tell you that your score is too low to afford competitive interest rates. It puts you in the tough position of accepting a bad deal because you did not prepare yourself beforehand. Check your score online and see how it compares to scores that are considered bad, average or good. If your score is not good, take the necessary steps to improve the score for the long-term.
Paying your bills on time, managing all credit card payments without incurring late fees and avoiding defaults on any personal loans or mortgages are the best ways to maintain a competitive credit score.